The Utility Box I. is a CV utility module, include dual passive multilpe, dual buffered multiple and dual offset & attenuator.

Passive multiple 1 in - 3 out, to multiply your CV signals with a minimal loss.

Buffered multiple 1 in - 4 out, to multiply your CV or pitch signals without any loss.

Offset & attenuator to attenuate and add offset to the input CV signals.

Bicolour leds displays as a CV monitor, green at positive and red at negative output.

Height: 3 U

Width: 16 HP

Depth: 22 mm

Power cons.: +12V: 65mA, -12V: 65mA, +5V: 0mA

Comes with a cca. 25 cm ribbon cable and screws.

Uryan Modular Utility Box I.